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About the Office iconSafe at Home Program

Attention imageAttention
Under House Bill 2079, the Safe at Home Program has been transferred to the Kansas Attorney General’s Office

Effective May 27, 2021, the Office of Secretary of State is no longer the program administrator. Please contact the Kansas Attorney General’s Office at 785-291-3950 or at 1-800-828-9745.

Safe at Home Logo

The Safe at Home Program provides a substitute address and free first-class mail forwarding to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking or stalking. Qualified participants may use the substitute address on all public records in lieu of their residential address. Safe at Home allows victims to register to vote, obtain a drivers license and receive other essential information without fear of being located by their abuser.

Program Overview

Victims who fear for their safety may complete an application with an enrolling assistant. Enrolling assistants have been trained to provide assistance to victims, explain the program, review participant responsibilities and determine if the victim would benefit from the Safe at Home program. Program participants will be notified within a week of their acceptance to Safe at Home and will receive a participant card to use as verification of their participation. Once certified, participants can use the substitute address. All state and local government agencies are required to use the substitute address. However, private businesses are not required to accept the substitute address.

First class and certified mail sent to the substitute address will be forwarded by Safe at Home to the participant’s actual location at no cost. Packages may only be forwarded if prior approval has been given by the Safe at Home program coordinator.

Additional Information

As part of the enrollment process, victims must provide the names of any children residing in their home, evidence of the abuse and consent to allowing Safe at Home to accept all mail and service of process on their behalf. Victims with minor child(ren) must notify Safe at Home of court orders regarding the custody, visitation, support of the child(ren) and any agreements or pending court actions. State law requires Safe at Home to notify the other parent and opposing counsel of the substitute mailing address for the victim, but not the residential address.

Voter Registration

To avoid confusion or increased risk to the participant, victims are encouraged to complete a voter registration form when applying for the Safe at Home program. Program participants should return their voter registration form to the Safe at Home program coordinator, not the county election officer, to ensure their information is kept confidential. If victims wish to register to vote after enrolling in the Safe at Home program, they should contact the Safe at Home program coordinator to ensure the registration is properly completed and to retain their privacy.


Click here to see a map of certified Safe at Home enrolling agents in Kansas. For a printable list of enrolling agents, click here.

You are welcome to print the Safe at Home brochure (Español). Brochures may also be requested by contacting or by calling 785-296-4575.