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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 102

Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board

Article 4.—Master's Level Psychologists

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102-4-9a. Renewal and reinstatement. (a) To be considered for license renewal, each licensed master's level psychologist and each licensed clinical psychotherapist shall submit the following items to the board:
(1) A completed renewal application;
(2) the continuing education, reporting form; and
(3) the fee prescribed in K.A.R. 102-4-2.
(b) If the application for renewal, the continuing education reporting form, and payment of the required fee are not submitted before the license expires, the license may be reinstated by the deadlines as provided in K.S.A. 74-5366, and amendments thereto, upon payment of the required renewal fee, plus the late charge set forth in K.A.R. 102-4-2, and proof satisfactory to the board of compliance with the continuing education requirements. Each applicant who fails to meet the statutory deadlines for reinstatement may submit a new licensure application as provided in K.A.R. 102-4-4a.
(c) At the time of application for reinstatement, each applicant shall submit a reinstatement application, the continuing education reporting form documenting evidence of the satisfactory completion, within the 24 months immediately before application, of the required continuing education hours, and the fee prescribed in K.A.R. 102-4-2.
(d) Each individual who holds a license but who fails to renew the license before the license expires, and who thereafter applies for renewal of the license, shall indicate on the reinstatement application form whether or not the individual has continued to engage in the practice of psychology in Kansas, or has continued to use the authorized licensure title or abbreviation after the expiration of the license and, if so, under what circumstances. (Authorized by K.S.A. 74-7507; implementing K.S.A. 74-5365, 74-5366, 74-5369, and 74-5371; effective Dec. 19, 1997; amended July 11, 2003.)
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